Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some activites from last year...

2 activities from last year that I lost on my old computer that I want to save for future use.

The Choice & Accountability Cafe -

We had a brief discussion on C&A followed by a dinner, served in 3 courses. Each item was given a code name, so the girls had to make a choice of which things to eat together (4 items per course). So they might pick spaghetti but not get a fork to eat it with.

Each girl was given a menu with the following items to choose from. They wrote 1st course - 1, 2, 3, and 4 - 2nd course, 1, 2, 3, and 4 , etc.

Menu items were:

Wiggly Jiggly (jello)
Shovel (spoon)
Not Pears (peaches)
Foreign Starch (french bread)
Black Rocks (olives)
Pucker Power (lemonade)
Hay Thrower (fork)
Tooth Loosener (carrot sticks)
Brown Bricks (Brownie)
Remover (Napkin)
Worms (spaghetti)
Rabbit Food (salad)

There were a lot of girls who chose Worms WITHOUT the Hay Throwers and that was real entertaining to watch!

We talked about how when we make choices, we have to be accountable for them (like choosing spaghetti, but not getting the fork to eat it with.)

The 2nd activity was combined with the YM and was enjoyed by all.

Faith Factor (like Fear Factor on NBC)

We divided the kids up into 3 teams. Then we gave them some trivia type questions. The first team to get the correct answer got points. The other 2 teams had to compete against each other in a challenge to get points. So we would do one question, followed by a challange.

Questions we used were: (They were told ahead of time to bring Scriptures and For the Strength of Youth Pamphlets)

1. Where is the Doctrine known as the "Word of Wisdom" found in the scriptures?
2. Recite the Scout Oath - A young woman had to recite it word for word, so the boys taugth it to a girl on their team and then they had to come recite it to me. It took 4 or 5 tries before we had a winner!)
3. In the FTSOY book, what activities does it list as being appropriate for the Sabbath?
4. List the YW values and the colors associated with each value.
5. Recite from memory the 11th article of faith, word for word.
6. What 2 things are we told to "learn in our youth" in Alma 37:35?

The Challenges:

1. Blindfold Relay - I hid 3 flags in the parking lot. Each team chooses 2 to participate. One kid is blindfolded. The partner rides piggy back on their back and tells them what direction to go to find the flags (and not run into cars, trees, etc). The rest of the team cannot help. Each team had to find all 3 flags, first one back to the starting point wins.

2. Whip cream pies - 1 team member from each team sits at a table and must keep their hands behind their back the whole time. First one to finish the entire whip cream pie wins.

3. Soda Relay - All team members participate . The team stands in a line and each person gets a small dixie cup to hold in their mouth. They cannot use their hands! Starting at the beginning of the line, an adult leader fills the first persons cup. He must drink all of the soda without using his hands, just by tipping his head back. When his cup is empty, the leader then fills the next persons cup, etc until they get to the end of the line. Then it goes back to the front of the line until the 2 Liter soda bottle is empty. 1st team to empty their bottle wins. Use 7up - because they will spill it all down the front of them.

4. Sleeping Bag Challenge - One person goes inside a sleeping bag and another person stands on the end of the sleeping bag keeping it closed (and dark inside.) The person inside will find clothes at the bottom and must put them on (over their clothes). Shirts had to be buttoned, etc. First team done wins.

5. Dirt and Worms - 2 team members - a digger and a spotter -Sitting at a table, one team member (the digger) is blindfolded and their arms must remain behind their back. There are gummy worms hidden in the dirt (crumbled oreo cookies in a pie pan). The digger has to dig around the dirt with their mouth to find the worms. The spotter has to tell them what color it is. If it is not green, they must eat it before continuing. 1st team to find the green worm wins. Note - do not add chocolate pudding to the dirt. It did make it messier and more fun, but you could no longer tell what color the worms were.

6. Food Challenge - 3 team members. There are 3 brown lunch bags labeled #1, #2 and #3, each containing an item. The bags were stapled shut to hide the contents. Each team member picks a bag. They are required to eat whatever is in the bag. When Bag #1 is finished, #2 goes, the #3. Bag 2 cannot be opened until 1 finishes, bag 3 cannot be opened until 2 finishes, etc. I told the kids beforehand that If they open the bag and there is no way they will consume its contents, they have to find a team member who will. They have to do it quickly though because the other team will not wait for them. 1st team to finish all 3 wins.
Bag #1 = Baby food - I got something yummy like Vegetable Beef.
Bag #2 = Baby bottle full of Root Beer - they had to suck it out of the bottle
Bag #3 = SPAM

7. BONUS Challenge

I purchased choclate covered worms and crickets on Ebay. Yes they were real. Each team got 4 insects and for anyone willing to eat one, they got bonus points.

The kids could not believe I would make them eat SPAM, but they actually fought over who would get to eat the bugs and asked if I had any more stashed away somewhere - the little weirdos!

What I would do differently next time - Let all the teams participate in the challenges. There's no desire to be the first team to answer the question correctly if it means your team won't get to participate in the fun challenges.


  1. Our team tried to get them right, we just couldn't. I know we were horrible at the questions but we won most of the challenges. I think everyone enjoyed that mutual.

    The grossest thing there was the baby food. It was torture to eat it. It was so horrible. Jamee almost barfed then I had to eat it and I almost barfed. I am so glad I don't have to eat that stuff everyday.

  2. You guys are hilarious! Babies eat that stuff all the time and have no trouble at all!

  3. Then way do you think they barf it up all the time. Do you really think they are doing it accidentally and they are just burping?