Sunday, February 1, 2009

"P" Party

This past week for our class activity, we had a "P" Party to sort of kick off our (or shall I say MY) goal of focusing on Personal Progress this year. I got the idea from (awesome site for anyone who might be reading this.)
The girls were to come dressed in "P" things - pink, purple, polka dots, plaid, pearls, etc. They were so much more creative than I ever could be with their princess crowns, peace signs, and punk makeup. For each "P" thing they had on, they received a ticket for a drawing. Every girl seriously got like 25 - 30 tickets.
They also brought "P" refreshments and got a ticket for that, as well as for bringing their PP books. The drawing was simple and non-expensive, just a cute bag filled with nail polishes and lip glosses.
I met with each girl individually to go through her PP book with her and record the things she has already had signed off. This way I can plan activities that will help all the girls get certain experiences signed off. (This won't be hard since all the girls only had between 0-4 things done.)
I had a box of Hot Tamales for the girl with the most things already completed (4). Hannah was my Hot Tamale with Emma at a very close 2nd (and Emma has only had for PP book for less than a week!)
I think the girls enjoyed themselves and enjoyed preparing all the P stuff. They put a lot of thought into it. I'll definitely use this idea again. Maybe next time we'll do an "R" party.

Here are my Punk rockers with super Powers (as they described themselves)


  1. I look so WEIRD!!! But that is what you get when you dress all in P stuff.

    What would the "R" represent?

  2. R = red, rings...

    I'm sure you girls can come up with much more than I could!

  3. I love this idea. I may be asking you to share it at our next auxillary meeting.