Sunday, March 22, 2009

Corny Personal Progress Handout #3

March's handout to go along with our mutual activity this coming week:

Also, we have a new Beehive coming in this week, so I made this card using this bee template.

Mormon Clue

This was for combined YM/YW.

Activity: I took this activity from this site - except that I changed all the suspects to names of the Young Men and Young Women leaders and the Bishopric members in our ward. I cannot believe I didn't save the document I created. I had the kids get into groups of 4 or 5 and go around the building asking for the clues. Of course, kids don't listen, so some groups ended up being more like 10 kids. It still worked just fine with bigger groups. The only rule I gave them was to please not run and shout in the church. Kids also don't listen to this rule ;)

What I'd do differently: We had a winner by 7:45, leaving 45 more minutes for kids to run amuck before their parents came. I don't know if there's a way to lengthen the game but it would be worth it in the future. Also, if I were doing this as an adult activity, I would do the "Clue and Fondue" version - meaning that the refreshments afterwards is fondue. We wanted to have a chocolate fountain to dip fruit in, but knowing teenage boys, we knew they'd stick their fingers in the fountain.

Pizza-Making Fiasco

I can't believe I forgot to document our pizza-making experience from January.

Activity: I bought pizza-making kits from Walmart that contained a mix for dough and sauce and a package of pepperoni. Then we had various other toppings to choose from: olives, onions, peppers, ham, pineapple, a couple different cheeses. The girls paired up and made their own pizzas.

What I'd do differently: While I *think* the girls had fun, all future cooking activities will have to be done in my home. The facilities guys at the church get real mad when you set off the fire alarm.

(To be fair, my girls did NOT burn their pizzas. Someone from another ward was cooking in the kitchen earlier in the week and something must have bubbled over onto the bottom of the oven. When we turned the ovens on, it started cooking and burning - thus setting off the fire alarms. All of the pizzas were completely edible!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Woman Recognition Dinner

These are the 4 from our ward who earned their Young Women medallion in 2008 (myself included - yay!) We had our recognition dinner last night. Very nice.


I'm not sure what to title this as, so I'm going to call it "dress-up." The Mia Maid class was in charge of Combined YW last month and they brought clothes from all different decades. The girls dressed up and took pictures.

This one of Baylee and Sarah is one of my faves

I can't believe Alicia has never heard of Punky Brewster! I guess I'm finally getting old.

This picture of Hannah beliw is my absolute fave!


I love doing this activity with the girls. Being an MK consultant has it's perks since I have all the samples and supplies for the girls to do this anytime. Usually I have the girls do their own makeup as I'm teaching them so that when they are at home they can re-create their "look" on their own. This year I thought it'd be fun to have the girls partner up and do each other's makeup and hair.


Sometimes it's good to take a break from planning elaborate activities and just play volleyball. The girls were more interested in dancing and doing cheerleader-type things, but I think they all had fun.

Sugar Cube Temples

Fun idea but messy. The tacky glue didn't work the greatest, would try glue guns if we ever did this again. I think the girls were more interested in eating the sugar cubes.