Sunday, February 8, 2009

Skit Night

The memory card on my camera was full, so as I was saving pictures to CDs, I came across a bunch of pictures from activities last year that none of the girls have been able to see. So since some of you are checking out the blog - enjoy the pics!

And for my documenting of this activity - We had a skit night with the YM. Our class presidency members each brought a bag of props, everything from costumes and hats to kitchen utensils. The kids broke into groups and were given a theme for their skit and a bag of props. Every prop in the bag had to be used in the skit. They were given 30 minutes to prepare and then they performed on stage for each other.

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  1. I look really stupid as 'Bessy' the noble steed. I pretty much hate all of my pictures. But the activity was still fun.